FX risk management - made easy

Streamline FX-hedge

Optimise FX-hedge

Cloud based tech

SaepioX's solution turns manual, tedious, Excel-based methods into an automatic function using a dedicated, tailored tool to combat FX Risk.

Minimised Risks

Reduce Costs

Automated Processes

The Solution

  • Automated risk calculations 

  • Suggested hedge strategies

  • Customisable monitoring 

Read more here about the tech behind the solution

The Community

Too often, Forex Risk is not optimised, it is based on a whim or gut feeling. With our solution, you don't need to deal with your FX risk alone nor do you need to invest in a costly consultant. Our community feature helps our clients to share the best methods and practices regarding hedging strategies.

With SaepioX, the best advice is just a few clicks away.

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