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Foreign Exchange risk (FX risk) is all around us: whenever a business is doing a transaction involving a foreign currency, it is facing a monetary loss due to several factors involved with the risk.


While currently FX risk is still handled manually, SaepioX's solution turns FX risk handling semi-automatic through a dedicated tool for FX risk, built with the focus on becoming the best and most intuitive SaaS FX risk solution on the market. With no on-premise installation and upgrades, it gives the FX manager a precise and ease overview of everything related to their FX risk.

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Today, 90% of FX professionals do not handle their Forex Risk optimally. Hazard as complex as FX risk sould not be solved based on a gut feeling.

With our solution, no more you need to deal with your FX risk alone nor need to spend a significant amount for a consultant/expert. Our community feature will help our users to share the best practices and suggestions regarding hedging strategies and improvements. Within the community, our users can vote and get rewarded on good ideas. There is no longer the need to hire/consult an expert, as the best opinions are just few clicks away.

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