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  • Rasmus Grinderslev

Why SaepioX is committed to helping buy-side to comply with the FX global code

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Many sell-side institutions have already signed up – still in 2020 many Buy-side institutions haven’t signed up (even that they are more or less following the code). SaepioX wants to help buy-side be compliant with the code.

The FX global code consists of 55 principles of good practice that function as a guide to ethical behaviour in the FX market. We encourage our clients to sign up, for obvious reasons.

Since 2015, the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) and Central banks around the globe have worked together with market participants to set the best practice for FX trading.

At SaepioX, we test our solution against the code and help our client to ensure compliance together with operational efficiency. If you want to know more about the code and how SaepioX can help you, then order your copy by filling out our contact form.


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