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The Founders

Rasmus, our CPO, was the brains behind the idea and the basic product. Having worked in banking for almost 20 years, he experienced first-hand the struggles of FX risk management. 


He pitched the idea too Kenneth, the now CEO, who was a former work colleague. Following a career of financial consulting, working in-depth with software implementation, he decided it was time to fix some of the short comings he saw with the old school methods.


The latest addition to the team has been Tim, our CTO. With years of experience from software development, he is bringing his wealth of programming skills to the technical side of SaepioX.


Combined with experience in this complex industry, the founding trio shared a passion for driving a change in the stale process of FX risk management, and this common goal is what allowed SaepioX to grow into what it is today. 

Our Team

OriginallySaepioX grew from one mind and was forged from the minds of three. As the product evolved, business grew and so did the tasks needed for the daily management of the company. SaepioX relies on a diverse team for a range of tasks, from tech support to analytics, marketing to programming. Each individual is well qualified for their position within the organisation, backed up by a wealth of experience in their relative field. 


Kenneth Brandborg 


Kenneth is a CFA Charter holder, and has worked with risk management as a Consultant and Analyst for over 10 years, chiefly with Danske Bank, Aloc and Capital Market Partners. For 13 years he lectured at the University of Southern Denmark, teaching the next generations of bankers and risk managers. Kenneth is the face of the company, manages internal organisation and is heavily involved with sales.


Rasmus Grinderslev


From a young age, Rasmus had a flare for banking and accounting. After a brief career with Deloitte, Rasmus went to CBS, and then began working for Nordea as a Corporate Bank Adviser. In a career spanning 20 years, Rasmus has experience as a Business Controller and Investment Controller. As the CPO of SaepioX, he has the most contact with the clients and ensures the daily functionality of the software.


Tim Morillon 


Tim started his career with robotics over 15 years ago, but soon switched to working with financial software. He has worked for Nordea, Vietc and Autorola as well as running his own software consultancy firm. He is responsible for all things technical related to the back-end side of the software.


Henrik Wilcken

Senior Sales Executive

A veteran of CBS and CBA,  Henrik has been working for over 20 years in Danske Bank, exclusively with FX, as a Senior Dealer and 'Chief Sales'. He also had a 6 year stint with the former Forstædernes Bank as a Proprietary Trader. Henrik guides the sales team and is responsible for courting new clients and ensuring SaepioX's solution reaches the right companies.

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