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What to Hedge

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Easy to Integrate

Data integration is the first step to get value out of your data.
This is why SaepioX chooses Talend, a leader in this field – see the 

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools.
This flexible tool enables an agile interface in and out of SaepioX for your in-house bespoke data sources. We also support standard interfaces to most portfolios management system out of the box.


Integrating FX Specialities


We only handle FX. That means you have the tool to get calculations done perfectly right.

For example, depositary receipts like ADRs. Their exposure currency is often different from the notation currency. This is handled in SaepioX.

We give you a range of data override possibilities in the integration interface to ensure that currency exposures are correct.










Designed for the users' workflow

In 2021 a user should not have to open a system to look for tasks – the system must give this information to the user.
Furthermore, the user must be able to document why a decision has been made, to override a system suggestion. And last, the system should give the user information about what has happened and easy to drill down features.


Overviews and easy decision-making

SaepioX has been recognised by leaders in the Nordic market for solving the core problems that make it time-consuming to know what to hedge.
Together with a drill-down analysis tool, the user finds the answers within seconds.

Besides currencies with a hedging strategy, SaepioX displays the major unhedged currencies to insure nothing is unseen.


SaepioX logs all actions taken by the user for audit and compliance – and overrides can be documented together with smart snooze functionality.

Limit Checks

& Compliance

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“ With the automated and intelligent process SaepioX provides, you can lower the cost of transactions on your FX trades, directly improving your returns.   

Data Gathering

& Structuring

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 “ Intelligent order handling – Gives you lower transactions costs  


“ Automated – Allows for more advanced trading schemes without increased
back-office workload 



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