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Why clients choose us

Why should you choose us? To put it simply: If you are in a buy-side institution and have foreign exchange exposure in your portfolio, you should at least consider choosing us. We help buy-side institutions to professionalise their FX hedging.

How we do it

Basically, we do 3 things:

  1. We automate the entire process, lowering the manual burdens in the organization and enabling earlier access to the market. Specifically, we minimize the operational risk and give the portfolio managers a better chance to structure their trading optimally. Here the old saying ‘time is money’ is very true. The earlier you can access the market, the better you can structure your trades, and thereby lower your costs.

  2. We enable the portfolio managers to build sound, stable and optimal hedging strategies matching the hedge with the asset portfolio. The three-month forward rate is still the go-to instrument in a lot of institutions. Not because it is optimal, but because it is manageable. We help you to loosen up this restriction, allowing you to build the optimal hedges without placing a huge operational burden on your back office. 

  3. We help you lower the transaction costs of your hedges. Firstly, because we give you more time to act optimally, but also because we help you with structuring the orders for achieving minimum costs.

What that means This means that we remove tedious, manual tasks from the front and back office, creating room for analysis and optimization instead. This is a win-win; you get to utilize your employee’s skillset to hedge and invest, and the employees get rid of boring work. 

The ROI of our solution is measured in weeks. The savings you can pick up from a smarter hedging process are very large for most institutions. In a low interest rate environment such as in the current time frame, it really matters. Handling the FX orders just a little bit smarter will save you millions in transaction costs.

How you get started

Getting started with our solution is easy; we have a very flexible integration interface. This means that we can set up a test account within a couple of days, where you can try our solution on your own data.  Getting into production is not a big project, it is a task. We will guide you through the process.

Our solution is cloud based, there is no required implementation task for your internal IT to perform.

We take charge of the process from the first demo until production. You just lean back, tag along, and we will bring you securely up to speed in production and sunset your manual spread sheets and processes.

– contact SaepioX here and we will review your excel sheet to give you a second opinion - for free.


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