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  • Rasmus Grinderslev

Making it easy to be a user

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It is crucial to bring all relevant information to the forefront for our users – to enable them to make the right decisions, instead of them having to spend time to look for information in the system.

This is why we are so happy that our users and others are so willing to share what operational pains they face in their daily work.

Information right on hand

In the recent period, we have enabled our users to immediately see what the limit status on the previous date was – so it becomes easy to see if this is a new breach and what was the comment on yesterday’s breach.

Furthermore, we have included an overview of all snoozed breaches to enable the user to get a fast overview of everything that is not shown as breaches today.

Cash Management

We have introduced the first step into the Cash Management processes around FX Hedges. Now SaepioX can enable the user to sweep any P/L coming from a maturing hedge in the same process as rolling the hedge.

This new feature reduces the risk of having the P/L in currency exposure together with having to pay an overdraft fee or high SPOT spreads covering overdrafts intraday on settlement day.

Extended reporting

SaepioXs reporting engine has been expanded to now include data for audit/compliance reporting in an automated manner.

The reporting engine feeds the data directly into the users excel instead of dropping a file that needs to be included in a report. STP as it should be.



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