Minimise your operational risks and the labour in the FX hedging process​ with a fast and automated system whilst simultaneously obtaining a precise overview of your daily hedging needs and hedge rolls​.


With the automated and intelligent process SaepioX provides, you can lower the cost of transactions on your FX trades, directly improving your returns.

A complicated procedure, hedging it is often based on manual calculations and predictions with no real systematic support. SaepioX aids you in this area with guidance in what to hedge, incorporating the handling of different data cycles, reflection of company and investment structures and the handling of pegged currencies. 

How to Hedge

Using the solutions auto-NDF handling, optimal tenor selection, full analysis of counter-party exposure alongside many other features, understand the tools you can utilise to decrease your back office workload. 

What to Hedge


Faster trade execution, a more manageable workflow, advanced automation and intelligent order handling, SaepioX is the superior tool for FX risk and hedging. 

Analysing Data
Analysing Data


Data Gathering

& Structuring​ 


Allow more time to execute trades & divide hedge rolls into smaller chunks

Book of Laws


Limit Checks

& Compliance

The Tech Behind

Curious how it all works? Despite the complex work that goes into creating a solution such as SaepioX, it is surprisingly manageable for the user to operate, with minimal onboarding on the users end. 

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