Our Story

SaepioX came from the mind of an industry professional who, after a long career in finance, decided to do something about the problems of FX risk. Rasmus, SaepioX's founder and CTO, worked in the banking and investment sector for over 15 years, and he, like many other high-level FX experts, was fed-up with the tediousness that portfolio management and ERP software caused when trying to calculate FX risk. Out of this frustration came SaepioX, founded in May 2019, set up with the goal of making manual and ineffective FX risk management solutions a thing of the past. 


Our Vision:

To help the buy-side professionalise their


Our Mission:

To build the easiest-to-use SaaS FX Hedging tool for buy-side FX professionals.

After an extensive period of coding, brainstorming and testing prototypes, the final product was launched in May 2020. Since then, the list of clients has steadily grown and the product is continuously and optimised Our service is fully-supported by our dedicated team of Analysts and Tech Personnel; ensuring a smooth transition from Excel dependancy to semi-autonomous efficiency is an essential part of our service.  With this growing customer base and as SaepioX becomes more utilised, so to has our team grown, both in diversity and capability. Read more about the team that makes your FX Risk management possible here

In the space of just a yearSaepioX has become an established company with a diverse team, driven by the desire to revolutionise the financial sector and change the way FX is managed. 

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