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Our Story

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Our story begins with Rasmus, our CTO, as he was facing the FX challenges in his everyday professional life while working with banking and investments for more than 15 years. Just like Rasmus, many other high level FX experts are frustrated about the pain that portfolio management and ERP software cause when trying to figure out the FX risk. Thus, SaepioX was born on the 11th of May 2019.

Seeded by passion sprouted an idea, and growth to business. Driven by passion SaepioX has been born and led to our business journey with enormous growth.



Build the easiest to use SaaS FX hedging tool for Asset Management and SME industry

With the mission to make FX hedging simple for the financial and SME industry, we started building the early prototype for a dedicated solution. SaepioX is unique as it provides both technology and content. We make hot technology written by some of the most brilliant developers around. Building on our deep knowledge in the financial market, we make sure that the FX risk handling is best practice. Moreover, we highly value our customers’ opinions, as we aim to build the solution together with our clients, keeping them in our core focus.

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both in our everyday work and when co-creating value with our users.

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in providing the best FX risk management solution available.

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as a core feature in our company culture.

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as our most important asset when bringing the best value with our solution.

Today, the core values of enthusiasm, dedication, openness, and skills reflect our day-to-day business and are in the centre of all of our operations.

With a relatively short time, we have grown into a "SaepioX family", while we still keep on growing. Together, we are striving towards achieving our goals and making sure to bring the best value to the customer through fast adaptions and intuitive business operations.

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The trio behind

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Starting from the middle, Rasmus is our CPO, the brains behind the idea and our product. Having worked in banking for 17 years, he has experienced the struggle regarding FX risk management himself. Thus he came up with the idea to provide a solution that would ease the lives of all FX professionals. After contacting Kenneth, on the right, the latter became SaepioX's CEO and the chief in command. After having helped multiple financial clients selecting and implementing software during his years in consulting, Kenneth decided it was time to fix some of the short comings he saw with the old school vendors. The latest addition to the team has been Tim on the left, our CTO. With years of experience from software development, he is bringing his programming skills on the board of SaepioX.

What unites the three is not only loads of experience in the financial industry, but also passion and strive towards building a better future for the FX risk professionals through a SaaS solution, shared community, and platform.

Our Core Values

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